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Department of finance and economics

The main tasks of the Department are:

1. Coordination of work on the formation and execution of the federal budget for the next fiscal year and planning period in the part of the expenses of Roszdravnadzor on supervision on the guidance and management of assigned functions, as well as the maintenance of the territorial bodies and subordinate institutions of Roszdravnadzor, based on budget policy priorities.

2. Ensuring the implementation of functions of Roszdravnadzor as a the main manager and recipient of the federal budget.

3. Implementation of the powers of Roszdravnadzor in execution of functions and powers of the founder of the Federal budgetary institutions.

4. Implementation of the powers of Roszdravnadzor as the chief administrator and administrator of budget revenues.

5. Organization of the budget process, management, statistics, implementation of regulatory and executive-administrative functions in the sphere of economy and finance within the assigned area of activity.

6. Formation of budgetary, financial and statistical reporting and comprising of consolidated accounts in accordance with the requirements of the normative legal acts of the Russian Federation.

7. Organization and implementation by Roszdravnadzor of internal financial control and internal financial audit as well as the implementation of departmental control in procurement for federal needs.

8. Implementation by Roszdravnadzor of control of the expenditure of federal budget when using subsidies, subventions, budgetary allocations for their recipients, as well as other powers of Roszdravnadzor for control of spending of federal funds provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

9. To ensure the procurement activities of Roszdravnadzor, its territorial bodies and subordinated institutions on the basis of current legislation of the Russian Federation.

Development and introduction of normative and methodical documents of Roszdravnadzor for the supervision over the implementation of the budget, financial legislation of the Russian Federation, normative legal acts of the President of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Russian Federation, other regulatory legal acts on matters relating to the powers of the Department.

Head of Department

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