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Duplicate of a registration certificate

If a registration certificate is lost or damaged an applicant is entitled to apply to Roszdravnadzor for issue of a duplicate of a registration certificate (hereinafter referred to as – application for duplicate)

In a case of damage of a registration certificate the application for issue of a duplicate shall be accompanied with a damaged registration certificate.

Within 7 working days following the date of receipt  of the documents provided by paragraph 52 of the Rules, Roszdravnadzor shall issue a duplicate of a registration certificate on a registration certificate form marked “duplicate” and “original registration certificate is deemed invalid” and shall  deliver the duplicate to an applicant or send it to him via registered mail with return receipt.

Please note, that  obtaining a duplicate of a registration certificate  requires to present a documented evidence of payment of the state duty in the amount of 1 500 rubles and a duly notarized letter from a manufacturer of a medical device confirming the powers of an applicant to receive a registration certificate.

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