Counter of appeals of citizens and organizations

Press center

The press center accepts inquiries from the press only.

Inquiries should be submitted on an organization’s official letterhead.

Inquiries procedure:

∙ Inquiries should addressed to Ms. Olga Maleva, Head of the Press Center

∙ Inquiries should be written on an organization’s official letterhead signed by an executive officer (chief editor, feature editor).

An inquiry should contain:

– subject of an inquiry;

– references to information sources (the mass media, news agencies, authorized representatives of state organizations, public associations, etc.);

– list of questions;

– editorial office and journalist’s contacts.

∙ Inquiries should be sent to

∙A reply will be sent within 7 days (according to the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Mass Media”, article 40)


Advisor to the Head of Roszdravnadzor and the Head of the Press Center

Olga Maleva