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On the grounds of the Federal Law dated April 12, 2010 №61-FZ “On circulation of medicines”, Roszdravnadzor performs control and supervision over circulation of medicines, as well as issues permitions for import/export of organs, tissues, blood and its components, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, superpotent substances, which are not precursors of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

In accordance with Art. 4 of the Law, circulation of medicines is defined as development, preclinical testing, clinical trials, expert examination, state registration, standardization and quality control, manufacturing, compounding, storage, transportation, import into the Russian Federation, export from the Russian Federation, advertising, dispensation, distribution, transfer, usage and destruction of medicines.

This section contains: regulatory legal acts which set requirements for medicines at every stage of their circulation (import/export, quality control at  manufacturing, including  manufacturing  by  pharmacy institutions, storage, distribution, destruction); information letters of Roszdravnadzor, specifying medicines subject to confiscation; information and analytical materials on the results of inspections carried out by Roszdravnadzor; information about state services provided by Roszdravnadzor; search engine for medicines, which have been withdrawn from circulation.

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